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Defence Connect Podcast Network

May 29, 2023

In this episode of the Cyber Security Uncut podcast, Phil Tarrant and Major General (Ret’d) Dr Marcus Thompson unpack the latest in cyber security, from national security IP theft to the ethics of artificial intelligence (AI).

  • The pair begin the podcast by unpacking recent US defence technology data theft cases and recent concerns from the FBI on the US’ cyber workforce, diving into how law enforcement agencies can collaborate with militaries to build a stronger cyber posture.
  • Dr Thompson and Tarrant then unpack the ethics of AI, discussing recent comments from the chief executive of ChatGPT creator OpenAI calling for greater regulation of AI.
  • The podcast wraps up by looking into the government’s recently announced National Anti-Scam Centre and how cyber resilience is a job for everybody — not just big business.

Enjoy the podcast,
The Cyber Security Uncut podcast