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Defence Connect Podcast Network

Jan 31, 2019

In this episode of the Defence Connect Podcast, managing director of Precision Technic Defence Pty Ltd, Greg Whitehouse joins host Phil Tarrant to reflect on his history within the services and unpack how it has led to his position as managing director with the organisation. Whitehouse will discuss the technology that they are involved in creating, the satisfaction that comes from seeing that technology being used in the field and how the evolution of the relationship between SMEs and defence personnel has led to the creation of technology which better meets the end user.  Greg will share his thoughts on how the expectations of defence have shifted as a result of technological advances in the civilian sector,  and discuss how a government change could impact the SME space and address the ongoing development of Precision Technic Defence Pty Ltd and how their team could look in the future. Enjoy the podcast, The Defence Connect team