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Defence Connect Podcast Network

Apr 20, 2017

The application and implication of drone technology is changing the face of combat. Some defence strategists and key ADF leadership claim the majority of warfighting will be done by unmanned platforms within 50 years, with all arms of the military working at pace to embrace drone technology. The Federal government is firmly behind this, with remotely-operated platforms a key priority of the $640 million Defence Innovation Hub. The ever-developing technology driving drone manufacture, utilisation and deployment is changing the business of defence, and touching Australians at all levels. In this episode of the Defence Connect Podcast we discuss this evolution with Ron Bartsch, one of Australia’s preeminent influencers on drones, president of the Australian RPAS Consortium and co-author if the new book, Drones in Society.. Ron not only reveals Australia’s world-leading position in legislation and controls over the usage of drones, but the need to maintain this and to drive ahead with a whole-of-government solution to ensure that Australia develops and maintains its advantages. Moreover, how a dedicated strategic focus on drone development offers battlefield superiority, not only in the delivery of ordinance but also surveillance and intelligence plus speedy medical treatment. Enjoy the show.