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Defence Connect Podcast Network

Sep 20, 2021

Cyber Security Uncut is back with the second episode of the podcast, hosted by Major General (Ret'd) Marcus Thompson, inaugural head of the Department of Defence’s Information Warfare Division and Phil Tarrant, director – defence and security at Momentum Media.

The podcast begins by analysing the impact that organisational budget cuts within the cyber and IT portfolios have had on the ability for businesses to manage the growing financial risk of cyber penetration.

The pair continue by analysing where cyber security risk management teams and chief information security officers (CISOs) should sit in organisational structures, and what the Australian government’s cyber security watchdogs are doing to combat this growing threat.

The podcast wraps up by discussing how businesses can better prepare themselves for cyber penetrations by investigating recent phishing and ransomware operations.

Enjoy the podcast,
The Cyber Security Connect Team