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Defence Connect Podcast Network

Jul 1, 2021

Royal Marine Commando veteran Mark Ormrod MBE was the first person to survive a triple amputation following an IED blast during the War in Afghanistan.

Following his lifechanging injury, Mark persevered to craft an internationally renowned career as a motivational speaker, author and athlete, having won seven medals at the Invictus Games in Sydney.

On the podcast, Mark discusses how he continues to live the Royal Marine Commando mindset to overcome life's challenges. Alongside Joe Vince, Head of Strategy for Defence, Cyber & Aerospace at Momentum Media who likewise served as a Royal Marine Commando, the pair examine how this attitude can be applied in any part of life whether professional or personal to overcome adversity.

The podcast wraps up discussing Mark's upcoming book, looking at his post-military journey and how he continued to conquer his injury.

Enjoy the podcast,
The Defence Connect Team