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Defence Connect Podcast Network

Oct 14, 2021

In this episode of the Defence Connect Podcast, Dr Charles Knight, lecturer in Terrorism, Asymmetric Conflict & Urban Operations at Charles Sturt University, joins editor of Defence Connect Liam Garman to discuss the power and influence of media and information warfare strategies in the contemporary battlespace.

Dr Knight, a former member of the British Army and Royal Air Force, begins by reflecting on the prevalence of information warfare throughout history, and how strategies have evolved over time.

The pair then outline modern examples of the effective use of media to produce desired military outcomes, pointing to case studies in the Middle East and the Asia-Pacific.

Dr Knight also explains the findings of a recent study, which assessed the impact of media reporting on military campaigns in the urban warfare environment.

Finally, Dr Knight lists recommendations from his research, which aims to build trust in the military among media representatives in a bid to support the broader national security effort.

Enjoy the podcast,
The Defence Connect team