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Defence Connect Podcast Network

Nov 29, 2016

Welcome to the Defence Connect Podcast. In this episode Phil and Paul are joined by Group Captain Pete Mitchell to talk about Plan Jericho and the significant opportunities it brings to the defence industry. Plan Jericho is the Royal Australian Air Force’s plan to change to a more agile, potent, 5th generation fighting force, and for the first time, Defence and more specifically, Air Force, have acknowledged the vital role industry will play in this transformation. GPCAPT Mitchell talks about the genesis of Plan Jericho, the JSF (F-35) and how the Primes, SMEs and Academia all have role to play in the Air Force’s charge forwards into the information age. GPCAPT Mitchell, is one of the Directors of Plan Jericho and is actively seeking industry engagement. Listen in and find out how you can get involved. Enjoy the show.