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Defence Connect Podcast Network

Oct 25, 2018

Troy Huckstepp has successfully made the transition from uniform to the corporate world after leaving the army and creating his own entity, AGIS, in 2006 with a former colleague. The goal was simple, to provide the same type of services that they were delivering in uniform and deliver that back to defence industry. In this episode of the Defence Connect Podcast, host Phil Tarrant is joined by chief operating officer of Downer Defence Services Troy Huckstepp, who will unpack his transition into the corporate world, the challenges that he faced and share the best way to prepare yourself to run a business for those planning to transition out of the services. Troy will discuss Downer's history in defence industry, the different brands that work under the Downer umbrella and the opportunities that its recent work with CASG will create for the organisation. Enjoy the podcast, The Defence Connect team