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Defence Connect Podcast Network

Feb 24, 2023

In this episode of the Defence Connect Spotlight podcast, Northrop Grumman Australia’s Triton program director, Andrew “Jake” Campbell, joins host Phil Tarrant to discuss the way uncrewed systems like the MQ-4C Triton will help reshape the Royal Australian Air Force and provide an update on the program ahead of the release of the Defence Strategic Review. 

  • Campbell provides a history of his time in uniform and experience operating the P-3C Orion conducting maritime surveillance and intelligence operations across Australia’s northern approaches, and how this experience informed the pursuit of the next-generation MQ-4C Triton capability for the RAAF. 
  • The pair also discusses how uncrewed platforms like Triton will help complement the crewed P-8A Poseidon fleet to conduct high-priority operations hunting for adversarial submarines by providing unmatched time on station, reliable, real-time access to large volumes of intelligence and surveillance data, and how this will enable the ADF to establish a fifth-generation warfighting capability. 
  • The podcast wraps up by unpacking the survivability and the operational advantages Triton will provide to the ADF in high-intensity operations, and the future of uncrewed platforms ahead of the release of the Defence Strategic Review.

Enjoy the podcast,
The Defence Connect team