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Defence Connect Podcast Network

Sep 10, 2020

Indigenous Australians have a proud history of serving with the ADF, from World War I to the specialist recon units of NORFORCE. Now as government shifts its focus to developing a sovereign defence industry capability, Indigenous Australians are emerging as a fundamental input to capability.

On this Defence Connect podcast, host Phil Tarrant is joined by Defence Indigenous Cultural Adviser Norman Laing, as they discuss his career in Defence, what attracted him to serving in the Australian Defence Force and the history of Indigenous Australians serving in the ADF. 

Laing also talks about the role of the Defence Indigenous Cultural Adviser and how Defence is working with Indigenous communities around the country to support individuals and their communities. 

Finally, they discuss the growing role of defence businesses in supporting Australia’s defence capability, with a number of Indigenous businesses growing to serve an increasingly important role in the government's sovereign industry capability plans. 

Enjoy the podcast,

The Defence Connect team