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Defence Connect Podcast Network

Oct 16, 2023

In this episode of the Defence Connect podcast, former Australian ambassador to the US and Opposition Leader, the Hon Kim Beazley AC, joins hosts Steve Kuper and Liam Garman to discuss the impact of the Defence of Australia policy and the role it continues to play in the modern world.

The trio discuss:

  • The geopolitical shifts in the late Cold War that went into shaping the 1987 Defence White Paper, best known for the formalisation of the Defence of Australia doctrine.
  • The way in which the Defence of Australia policy continues to shape the Australian Defence Force and its force posture to this day.
  • The end of the era of “warning time” and the important lessons Beazley learned during his time as the Australian ambassador to the United States.
  • Finally, the trio wrap up discussing the rapidly changing reality of the world and some predictions ahead of the 2024 US general election.

Enjoy the podcast,
The Defence Connect team