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Defence Connect Podcast Network

Dec 16, 2020

2020 was a big year for both Australia and the globe, with great power competition, pandemics and economic, political and strategic chaos the flavour of the year. In this top five, we will cover the most popular Key Enabler and Analysis stories of the year.

The 2020s have kicked off with one hell of a bang – rising great power tension between the United States and China; a pandemic that has thrown the global economy into turmoil; economic, political and strategic tensions throughout the Indo-Pacific; and an increasingly diverse range of challenges facing Australia.

While the government has moved to respond to the rapidly deteriorating geostrategic circumstances transforming the Indo-Pacific, largely through the 2020 Defence Strategic Update, 2020 Force Structure Plan and a series of important acquisitions and critical policy announcements as Australia seeks to reassert its position in the region.

As part of an ongoing series of the Defence Connect podcast leading up to the end of the year, host Phil Tarrant and Defence Connect editor Stephen Kuper  discuss the top-ranking stories in the Key Enabler and Analysis pieces from the year, ranging from regional power dynamics, the growing geopolitical and strategic tensions and the evolving challenges facing Australia in the Indo-Pacific.

Enjoy the podcast,

The Defence Connect team