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Defence Connect Podcast Network

Feb 6, 2023

In this episode of the Cyber Security Uncut podcast, Momentum Media director of defence Phil Tarrant and Major General (Ret'd) Marcus Thompson unpack the latest current affairs in cyber security.

  • The podcast begins by unpacking the news cycle over the holiday break and how Australia has earned the unfortunate mantle of the most hacked nation on the planet. The year 2022 saw Australia go through a raft of cyber security disasters, from Medibank to Optus, and the pair explore how this has impacted the cyber security policy debate.
  • The pair then discuss the ramifications of the recent LastPass data breach, and how much of the data we see get lost in a breach is available elsewhere.
  • The podcast wraps up with an analysis of a new zero-trust agreement between the Five Eyes nations, and how important it is for Australia’s national security, and the security of its allies.

Enjoy the podcast,
The Cyber Security Uncut team