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Defence Connect Podcast Network

Nov 15, 2021


In this week’s podcast, Lani Refiti, regional director, ANZ at Claroty, joins hosts MAJ GEN (Ret’d) Marcus Thompson and Phil Tarrant, director – defence and security at Momentum Media, to discuss securing Australia’s critical infrastructure amid an evolving cyber threat landscape.

The podcast begins by analysing the latest news and updates from the cyber security industry, including balancing workforce demands for privacy despite remote work, as well as the latest in a long string of cyber attacks overseas.

The trio then dives into analysing Claroty’s core business offering as an industrial cyber security company, focusing on two crucial areas: critical infrastructure and defence industries.

The podcast then analyses Claroty’s efforts in protecting Australia’s critical infrastructure from threat actors, and whether the government’s new critical infrastructure bill was sufficient to address the current cyber security threat landscape.

Lani then discusses how “black swan” cyber incidents aren’t far-fetched concepts – but growing realities in an increasingly cyber world.

The podcast wraps up by analysing Claroty’s ambitious plans in the region including optimising their current service offerings, and how the industry can amplify awareness of the cyber threat environment.

Enjoy the podcast,
The Cyber Security Connect team