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Defence Connect Podcast Network

Nov 29, 2021

In this week’s podcast, Narelle Devine CSM, chief information security officer, Asia Pacific at Telstra, joins hosts MAJ GEN (Ret’d) Marcus Thompson and Phil Tarrant, director defence and security at Momentum media, to discuss cyber security challenges from the perspective of one of the country’s largest telecommunications companies.

Devine begins by discussing her transition from decades of service with the Royal Australian Navy to a successful career in the civilian space, supporting cyber security integration across both the public and private sector.

Telstra’s CISO then discusses the cyber security challenges facing the globe, noting the spike in malicious activity, particularly the targeting of consumers through mobile communications scams.

Devine outlines the strategies employed by stakeholders to counter cyber threats, including direct efforts to curtail criminal actors and broader efforts to bolster resilience across the community.

The discussion continues with an analysis of the range of threat vectors, with Devine explaining while ransomware in particular is top of mind for CISOs.

The trio then delve into the ongoing challenges associated with building Australia’s cyber workforce, with Devine outlining strategies to retain and attract highly-skilled talent.

Finally, Devine explains how Telstra is shaping their strategy to prepare for the future threat environment.

Enjoy the podcast,
The Cyber Security Connect team