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Defence Connect Podcast Network

Mar 23, 2023

In this episode of the Defence Connect podcast, Elastic Security product lead and vice-president Mike Nichols joins senior journalist Robert Dougherty to discuss the future trends in cyber attacks and cyber security in the defence industry internationally and in Australia.

The pair begin the podcast discussing the trends of cyber attacks and defence facing Australia, while Mike Nichols shares his experience dealing with the new “openness” of cyber attack tools and security such as in Ukraine.

The podcast continues with a discussion of the classic cyber attack pattern, using analytics such as machine learning as cyber detectives, and how companies can put enough “noise” in the way to stop a data breach in time.

The pair wrap up the podcast by exploring concepts of hardening security of supply chains and skills shortages in the cyber defence sector to combat state-sponsored, automated, and targeted cyber attacks.

Enjoy the podcast,
The Defence Connect team