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Defence Connect Podcast Network

Feb 14, 2017

This week on the Defence Connect Podcast we discuss the fundamental steps the Australian Defence Force and policy makers need to undertake to deliver Australia’s security obligations – and the very important role of defence industry to support this – with Major General (Ret) Jim Molan. Major General Jim Molan gives his insights around the nature and future of warfare, the influence of the Defence White Paper and the nation's capabilities. Molan has been with the Australian Army for many years, where he has been involved in numerous postings, including Iraq in 2004. He is now using his extensive background in defence in his writing. His first book, Operations in the land of two rivers, was released in 2005 and his second book, Running the war in Iraq: an Australian general, 300,000 troops, the bloodiest conflict of our time, was released in 2008. Enjoy the show, The Defence Connect Team