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Defence Connect Podcast Network

Nov 25, 2020

In this edition of the weekly Inside Defence, hosts Phil Tarrant and Steve Kuper discuss the latest developments and issues shaping the Defence, defence industry and national security ecosystem this week.

Inside Defence is your source for all the very latest in Australian Defence, defence industry and national security policy news.

Tune in every week to hear hosts Phil Tarrant and Steve Kuper bring you the biggest stories over the past few days, covering everything you need to know about the issues, programs and developments shaping Australia's national security, defence and strategic relationships in the Indo-Pacific region. 

In this episode, Phil and Steve discuss the recent partnership announcement between Rheinmetall Defence Australia and Queensland Gaskets in support of the RDA's LAND 400 Phase 3 bid to supply the Australian Army with its KF 41 Lynx IFV. They also discuss the Government's recent announcement of a $300 million investment into a submarine detection capability in WA, developments by Flinders University to help track terrorist through environmental testing, Royal Australian Air Force F-35s training with their US counterparts at Eglin Air Force Base. 

Finally, the pair also discuss the implications of the multi-billion strategic reorientation and investment in defence capability announced by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, which is billed as the most significant strategic and defence policy shift for the United Kingdom since the end of the Cold War, with great power status once again on the agenda.