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Defence Connect Podcast Network

Aug 23, 2018

Having doubled their employees since 2016 and further growth expected in the coming years, partly as a result of the pending arrival of the F-35 in Australia, Lockheed Martin is continuing to add to Australia’s thriving defence sector while still holding strong to their Australian identity. In this episode of the Defence Connect Podcast, chief executive of Lockheed Australia Vince Di Pietro and business development director for Lockheed Martin RMS Neale Prescott join host Phil Tarrant to further discuss the company’s contribution to the Australian economy and to unpack the changes that have aided its growth. They will discuss the work they are completing, which is set to integrate Lockheed’s technological systems across all defence platforms while also analysing the current combat systems used across everything from submarines to within the Future Frigate program and the upcoming F-35s, and the jobs that the integration of these systems are creating for Australian workers, both in the major hubs and regional centres. Enjoy the podcast, The Defence Connect team