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Defence Connect Podcast Network

Mar 17, 2022

In this episode of the Defence Connect Podcast — recorded the week of the Russian invasion of Ukraine — University of Canberra professor and co-convener of the National Security Hub, Dr Sascha-Dominik Dov Bachmann, joins editor of Defence Connect, Liam Garman, to unpack the hybrid and grey-zone warfare strategies employed by Russia ahead of its invasion of Ukraine.

Dr Dov Bachmann begins by delving into the 20th century origins of Russia-Ukraine tensions to contextualise the contemporary struggle.

The UOC professor then speaks to Russia’s modern warfare strategy, discussing its use of both hybrid and grey-zone tactics.

Dr Dov Bachmann goes on to explain how Moscow has leveraged these methods to advance its geostrategic objectives, referencing key operations in breakaway provinces across Ukraine.

Finally, the professor flags the risks of a potential spill-over in conflict in the Indo-Pacific off the back of tensions in eastern Europe.

Enjoy the podcast,
The Defence Connect Team