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Defence Connect Podcast Network

Aug 27, 2021

With the recent formation of the Sovereign Missile Alliance joint venture, Nova Systems and EOS rise to the challenge of building a sovereign guided munitions capability.

Jim McDowell, Group CEO of Nova Systems and Dr Ben Greene, Group CEO of EOS join host Liam Garman to unveil the new Sovereign Missile Alliance (SMA), a joint venture between Nova Systems and EOS to develop a sovereign guided munitions capability in Australia.

The pair discuss how sovereign capability is in the DNA of the SMA, drawing on an ecosystem of over 600 Australian SMEs to support the full length of the missile supply chain from design to development and delivery.

The guests then analyse the importance of a sovereign military industry in the face of an ever-changing Indo-Pacific, and the role that the SMA will play in enhancing Australia’s national resilience by having Australian-based missile expertise and manufacturing.