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Defence Connect Podcast Network

Jul 12, 2023

In this episode of the Defence Connect Spotlight podcast, David Connors, chief technology officer and chief information security officer at Australian Defence Apparel, and Narelle Dimopoulos, governance and risk manager, join Liam Garman to unpack ADA’s DISP accreditation and what DISP means for Australia’s national security.

  • Connors and Dimopoulos begin the podcast explaining that ADA is Australia’s only uniform provider with a DISP-certified factory, and how this accreditation will help ADA serve the Australian Defence Force.
  • They then unpack some of the cyber security obligations as part of the DISP membership, and those risks facing businesses which fail to implement stringent cyber security protocols.
  • Connors, Dimopoulos, and Garman wrap up the podcast discussing how ADA has integrated with the Australian Defence Force and the first responder community to get needed equipment into the hands of Australian servicemembers quicker.
Enjoy the podcast,
The Defence Connect team