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Defence Connect Podcast Network

Feb 6, 2018

“Right now in Australia, within the defence industry ... although we’re competitors, we work together, and we can work together well. Those partnerships and those teaming arrangements to deliver the best capability to the customer is what we’re all focused on. It’s not about us doing it on our own. Whether it’s with SMEs or whether it’s some of our bigger partners ... we’re here to deliver the best capability that we can to the Australian Defence Force.” This week on the Defence Connect Podcast, we introduce you to BAE Systems Australia’s new chief executive Gabby Costigan. Costigan, an ex-colonel in the Australian Army, takes us through her illustrious career starting with her time in the Australian Defence Force, her experience working with NATO, her deployment to Afghanistan where she worked in logistics, followed by her posting to the US where she went to Central Command in Tampa, before leaving Defence and finding her way to the role of CEO for Linfox Asia. Tune in as the logistics and supply chain expert talks us through the bids BAE Systems has put forward for major projects AIR 2025 Phase 6 JORN, LAND 400 and SEA 5000, mobilising the workforce for these projects and the prime’s collaboration with Australia’s SMEs.