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Defence Connect Podcast Network

Apr 2, 2020

Northrop Grumman is making headway on its goal of locally manufacturing all assets of its unmanned minehunting system AQS-24B for use within Australia.

Tune in to this episode of Defence Connect Podcast with host Phil Tarrant to hear from the company's director of international mine warfare programs, Gene Cumm, on its accomplishments over the past year.

Cumm reveals the finer details of the AQS-24B platform, how Northrop Grumman was involved in Australian mine warfare Exercise Dugong, and which manufacturer received the organisation's first Australian purchase order.

He also delves into how successful the platform has been in servicing the US Navy, the attitudes of the US defence sector towards Australian manufacturers, and how he predicts the program will develop within the next year.

Enjoy the podcast,

The Defence Connect team