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Defence Connect Podcast Network

Jun 12, 2023

In this episode of the Cyber Security Uncut podcast, Major General (Ret'd) Dr Marcus Thompson and Phil Tarrant unpack the recent Volt Typhoon malware targeting critical infrastructure, and the motivations behind cyber security attacks.

  • Dr Thompson and Tarrant begin the podcast by unpacking the financial and reputational ramifications of a cyber security breach, examining how the Latitude hack has resulted in forecast losses of $95 million to $105 million.
  • The pair then discuss the recent Volt Typhoon malware that has targeted US critical infrastructure in Guam, which could disturb US military communications.
  • The podcast wraps up by analysing recent comments from the AFP Commissioner on state-based hackers attacking Australian infrastructure, and how the military and law enforcement agencies can be better used to keep Australians safe.

Enjoy the podcast,
The Cyber Security Uncut team