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Defence Connect Podcast Network

Mar 29, 2018

“We are de-risking a lot of the Type 26 equipment on the Type 23 in the UK, which gives us confidence. But I think... with the Australian program running five years behind the UK program, it really won't be an issue, because it will be de-risked in the UK.” This week on the Defence Connect Podcast, we follow up with BAE Systems SEA 5000 managing director Nigel Stewart about the progress of the company’s SEA 5000 bid and the UK Navy’s Type 26 build. Stewart walks us through BAE Systems’ plans for mobilising the Australian industry – should it secure the SEA 5000 project – how it plans to de-risk the build of the vessel and the key role Australian SMEs could play in delivering the Type 26 vessel. Tune in for this and more, Enjoy the podcast, The Defence Connect team.