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Defence Connect Podcast Network

Oct 29, 2020

BidWrite plays a pivotal role helping defence and industry communicate to meet capability requirements, while generating business in the hotly contested defence industrial ecosystem.

On this episode of the Defence Connect podcast, host Steve Kuper is joined by Dr Rodger Manning and David Harvey, principal consultants at BidWrite, to discuss the evolving nature of responding to tenders to support the $270 billion Defence Strategic Update and the 2020 Force Structure Plan.

The trio also cover the initial impact of COVID-19 on Defence and defence industry, the immense opportunity available to both primes and SMEs, and the way in which industry as a whole is evolving to the new normal.

Dr Manning and Harvey also discuss the importance of getting the right balance when responding to the complex nature of Defence tenders, with key points of focusing on the customer’s needs and the unique capacity the business brings to solving the challenges proposed by Defence.

Finally, they talk about the varying challenges in the tendering process, breaking down language and technicalities in order to help both parties better understand one another’s objectives.

Enjoy the podcast,

The Defence Connect Team