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Defence Connect Podcast Network

Feb 1, 2018

Colin Thorne joined KPMG Australia's Management Consulting division in November 2015 to lead its Engineering and Asset Management Advisory business – a diverse entity that aims to support Australia’s defence sector. An electronics engineer with more than 30 years’ experience in the defence sector, much of it specialising in the acquisition and sustainment of airborne surveillance systems, Colin shares his story of transition from the military to the corporate sector – and his views on the opportunity for defence industry in the years ahead. Having retired from the Royal Australian Air Force in 2013 at the rank of Air Vice-Marshal, Colin was responsible for the acquisition and sustainment of all Australian Defence Force fixed wing aircraft. Speaking to Defence Connect's Phillip Tarrant, he gives insights to his time in the military leading these major programs, the skills garnered to support his career in defence industry and the key priorities for KPMG.