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Defence Connect Podcast Network

Sep 15, 2020

Since their inception, Australian industry content (AIC) and sovereign industrial capability have served as key priorities for government with varying degrees of success depending on who you ask. For Defence Industry Minister Melissa Price, collaborative consultation and action are needed.

On this episode of the Defence Connect Podcast, hosts Phil Tarrant and Steve Kuper are joined by the Minister Price to talk about her evolving priorities and the actions she has taken to better support delivering AIC requirements since being appointed to the role in May 2019. 

Minister Price also discusses the outcome of the government's extensive review into the Centre for Defence Industry Capability (CDIC), the recommendations, government's response and the role collaboration plays in responding to the concerns of Australia's burgeoning defence industrial base.

They also cover the response of defence industry to the COVID-19 pandemic and how businesses have evolved to support the national response. Finally, Minister Price also discusses her proudest moments working closely with defence industry and the role frequent communication plays in building collaborative, mutually beneficial relationships between government, primes and SMEs.  

Enjoy the podcast,

The Defence Connect team